All About Real Estate Agents

Who Are They…Real estate agents are professionals instrumental in connecting the buyer with the seller.
Additionally, many real estate agents manage rentals wherein they introduce tenants to landlords and oversee the maintenance of the property on behalf of the landlords.
In most areas real estate agents are required to be highly educated, licensed and are regulated by a governing body.
Some real estate agents are also Realtors.
To use the title Realtor, a real estate agent must be a member of the National Association of Realtors which in addition to a number of other requirements, requires Realtors to adhere to a strict code of ethics and offers Realtors additional educational and designation opportunities.
Though not required by rule or law, it might be a wise decision to seek the services of a Realtor.What Do They Do….Real estate agents bring together two or more interested parties, perform those steps necessary to successfully conclude a transaction and charge a commission for their services.
For sales transactions, they charge commission to the seller while for rentals, commission is typically charged the landlord.
Real estate agents generally calculate their fee as a percentage of the selling price (in the case of a sale) and as part of the rent for rental units.How Do They Do It…People who want to sell or rent their property leave details of their property with the real estate agent.
Along with all property details the real estate agent will typically have keys to the house to facilitate showings.
The other interested party (i.e. the buyer/tenant), gets access to this information and to the property by contacting the real estate agent.
That’s how the real estate agent becomes a hub of information.
Contrary to some common misconceptions, real estate agents typically represent the seller or the buyer but rarely both.Why Should I Use One…First and foremost, to protect yourself. Real estate transactions are highly regulated, highly paper (document) intensive transactions.
The real estate agent possesses an in depth knowledge of the laws, rules, regulations, disclosures and documentation necessary to successfully complete the transaction to the satisfaction of the buyer, the seller and the law.Because real estate agents are most familiar with local real estate market conditions, it is wise and makes sense to seek the advice of one to get an idea of the current trends and pricing for properties within that market.
A good real estate agent will know the prices (or price range) of various properties of different types and at various locations within the region.Because of the real estate agent’s knowledge and expertise, property sellers often get a few thousand dollars more for their property.Many home seekers, including seasoned real estate investors use the services of real estate agents to locate the best real estate bargains in the easiest and quickest manner.Furthermore, the best agents analyze the wants and needs of a home buyer/tenant and provide valuable input as to the kinds of properties available to them within their budget. Therefore, a good real estate agent will not just present a list of available properties to the buyer/tenant but will actually discuss their needs and make suggestions.The good real estate agent, working in this manner benefits in at least two ways…
First and most obviously, when the real estate agent is able to successfully complete the transaction the commission is earned and the real estate agent is paid…
and secondly, if they make the customer/client happy they earn a good reputation and often receive referrals (hence more business).Worth Noting…It is worth noting that there is a myth floating around that real estate agents only work on behalf of the seller, buyer beware.
This is not written in stone nor is it always the case. Real estate agents are, in most regions, highly regulated.
With few exceptions, real estate agents work either for the seller (as is the case with many listing agents) or for the buyer (as is the case for a buyer’s agent).
Additionally, some areas allow for dual agency where an agent can work for both the seller and the buyer or as a transaction broker where the agent represents the transaction itself and neither the seller nor buyer individually.
However, in the case of dual agency/transaction brokerage, note that rule, regulation (law) and ethics do not permit the agent to act in favor of either party while in detriment to the other.
If you are unsure of the relationship between you and your real estate agent, do not hesitate to ask.

Industrial Cooling Towers to Match Today’s Industrial Needs

Industrial cooling towers are the heart of any industrial process that requires cooling as a course of action. Cooling may be an important part of the industrial process so that a given product can be manufactured. It can also happen that the industrial installation or the manufacturing area requires cooling so that the manufacturing process can go on smoothly.For this reason, these towers have become a necessity rather than a luxury in various industries. These towers have basically evolved from commercial towers and specially modified for various industrial processes. The basis of functioning of these towers, whether industrial or commercial is very simple to understand. They work on the principle of evaporative cooling, as part of which water is brought into contact with ambient air. This causes partial evaporation of the water and results in cooling.Various industrial units require cooling for their daily and smooth operation. These include industries like electricity generation, petroleum refining, chemical processing, sugar manufacturing, air condition and refrigeration, steel generation, and many others. Industrial cooling has been around for many years. The first need of industrial cooling arose during the initial years of the industrial revolution. Since they were successful in removing the heat from the industrial processes, their use grew in more and more industries.Depending upon their use, these towers are classified as commercial or industrial. Some of these towers involved especially in the petroleum and power industries use large capacities of water for cooling purposes – some of these giant towers use anywhere between 80,000 and 100,000 cubic meters of water per hour for their cooling needs.Most industrial towers utilize air to cool the flow of water in them. Generally, based on this arrangement, they can be categorized as natural draft or mechanical draft, which include induced draft and forced draft towers. Natural draft towers utilize the tendency of warm air to rise and cold air to descend to induce cooling. Induced draft towers utilize motors and fans at the air exit of the cooling tower to draw air through the cooling tower. Finally, forced draft towers use fans at the point of air intake in the cooling tower to push air through the tower.Also, depending upon how the air is directed towards the water flow, two types of towers are in existence. The first involves counter flow type cooling tower, wherein the air flow is directed upwards the fill while the water flows down the fill. Cross flow towers direct the air flow perpendicular to the water flow. Depending upon the requirements, industrial cooling towers can be of various shapes, such as box or bottle shaped towers or even rectangular in shape.If the quality of water is not maintained properly in these towers, it can cause the formation of several types of bacteria and algae in the water. Therefore, maintaining the cooling tower regularly is very essential. Badly maintained towers can cause a disease called Legionnaires’ disease. However, proper water treatment in industrial cooling towers can prevent the development of this disease.

Making Money Online and Online Marketing Facts

Many are looking for a way of making money online, but the facts of online marketing are almost the same they were last year, the year before that and so on. The fact is simple…many are still failing at making a single penny of compensation for their efforts…so what is the major issue here? Well, it is all in your perspective I believe.”Making money online is a happy side effect of solid online marketing skills APPLIED.” This is a simple quote I have said over and over to many on a webinar or a simple phone conversation, what is crazy about this fact though, is that many do not heed this simple concept. Individuals flood the Internet each day looking for the latest and greatest affiliate, network marketing and or, GURU product that is touted to help them create a substantial income FAST and with little effort. NOT SO.Of the latest GURU programs and network marketing opportunities online the biggest PIT for failure is the affiliate products opportunities that are launched on a constant basis. While these may be great for some, for the most part, these programs are riddled with no real offer of online marketing knowledge and or 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring to those new to the industry. Many of these types of programs and opportunities are touted as..and I quote, “No Skill Required”, “Build an Instant List of buyers” “11 Clicks away from a massive income online” and my 2 favorite…”You Need no SEO Skills” and “Forget What the GURUS Say!”If the facts were that making money and a solid residual income online took no skills whatsoever…why are we not all rich? For those of us who have found success online and I do not just mean making money, but finding success with online marketing, this has come in more than 11 clicks, with skills learned and APPLIED. To generate a solid income online will come through the basic understanding of how to effectively market, brand and manage your self and your business online, nothing more, nothing less!For the individuals looking to get rich quick online…you will fail. For those with the mindset of “how to I get traffic, traffic and more traffic” these are the individuals who will most likely not only succeed, but literally take the online marketing world by storm. This all takes time, patience and a whole bunch of work, just ask the real questions to those creating the affiliate products you continue to purchase, their real answer should be that it was solid effort, work and understanding of the REAL “how to” get it done online.Making money online takes solid online marketing skills and that is the FACT. As I said before: “Making money online is a happy side effect of solid online marketing skills APPLIED.” This may not be rocket science here, but it does have a learning curve that must be understood and mastered like any business you have made money with before. Search out online marketing training first, apply the training and then watch as your online efforts and business begin to grow…and possibly your income.